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OPTIRESOURCE Professional is an online application. It only requires an internet connection and a standard web browser.
In matter of seconds you can create complete Well-to-Wheel analysis in any of its two operation modes


With OPTIRESOURCE Query, you can retrieve, compare and graphically evaluate any number of energy chains. The selection of the chains is done in a highly interactive way: select one or more primary energies, transformation and transport processes, fuels and powertrains. OPTIRESOURCE will assess all possible combinations for you. The results are graphically presented in a comprehensive way and can be arranged and displayed according to your needs.
Demo Query


With OPTIRESOURCE Scenario you can calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of small fleets or the energy consumption of vehicles for entire continents. You can define the parameters that represent your study and modify them to observe how they react to specific dynamics. Furthermore you can compare your results to the well-arranged assembly of predefined scenarios at your disposal.
Demo Scenario
Licenses for the OPTIRESOURCE Professional are available. Please submit the questionnaire to obtain a test account.